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Work Space – A Work In Progress

Since I work a day job, I usually am not able to do a lot of hand dyeing or spinning until the weekends roll around. That is my big production time.  That’s when I get the making done, and then the rest of the week is for packaging, listing, and all of the other behind the scene details that get my yarns and fibers out of production and into the market.

My house is tiny. And cramped. And full of people.  That means that my designated work space….. well, it doesn’t exist.  I keep all my tools, gadgets and supplies stored away. When it’s time to work, I have to set up the entire thing, do my work and then at the end of the day, put it all back in storage again.  It’s a pain. It’s also a time waster.  There are times when I might attempt to do my color work during the week, but can’t because I don’t have time to set up, tear down, AND get anything done in the middle of all that. Even just pulling the spinning wheel out to do some spinning for a little while is more trouble than I have energy for most week nights. And I can forget about getting out my sewing machine and all of the stuff that has to be spread all over the place just to work on a small sewing project!

I need my own studio space.

Recently, my oldest child left the nest to spread his wings and fly on his own. That gave us a little more room in the house, so I’ve been doing some rearranging. I’ve also been doing a lot of purging. Lots and lots and LOTS of purging. Last weekend, I took about 15 bags full of crap out. This week I put another 6-7 bags of junk out.  I’m feeling sooo much happier with things inside the house… though, I really am going to owe my garbage men a case of beer when this is over.

And that is why, my friends, that I have not had any new items the last couple of weeks.  My usual work time has been spent cleaning and purging.  It’s worth it though because I’m already much happier with our home space, and I’m almost to the point where I WILL finally have an area that I can set up and leave set up for my fiber work! YAY!  I’m very excited.  Since I am doing more and more production and need to do even more than I am now, this is not just a want, but a need.

I’ve nearly gotten my upstairs – where my work space will be – handled and in order.  Next, I tackle my downstairs.  It’s a project I can’t WAIT to be done with, but I’m super motivated both because I like what I see so far, and because of the work space that it promises me at the end. Until I finish and get that all set up and ready to go, I’ll probably occupy my tiny bits of free time with some holiday knitting.  I’ve got some super adorbs elves in process!

I’ve got lots of great stuff coming soon!  I’m really excited for what’s ahead in my tiny little home indie dyer, indie art studio. Can’t wait to share it with you!


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