It’s Apple Time!

It’s October in the North East, and for us, that means APPLE FESTIVAL!  Seriously, when I lived in the south, I had no idea, but this is an actual ‘thing’.  Going apple picking, and to apple festivals up here is how we do!  And it’s fun!

We’ve gone every year with the kids and had a really good time.  Some of the best pictures we get all year happen at the apple farm.  It’s not just a kid thing up here though, to be clear.  Just about everyone goes.  And if you get a craving for baked apple anything, buying apples at the store simply does not taste right.  You have to pick them yourself or you’re doing it wrong.

So, this past Saturday was our apple picking day.  We picked a bazillion pounds of JonaGold and Crispin.  Both of those seem to work great for both canning and baking, as well as snacking, so that’s usually what we get.  It was Baby Jo’s first time apple picking, but he wasn’t all that impressed.  He actually fell asleep in his sling and stayed that way most of the time.

Up here in central New York, you can never tell what the weather in October is going to be like.  It might be cold and gray, or rainy, or sunny, or even snowy.  You just never know!  We ended up having a day that was pretty nice for it at 55F, partly sunny, and not too much wind.  It got a little chilly, but not absurdly so, and no rain, thank goodness.  I have not enjoyed it the years we left wet, cold and muddy!

I did have my hands full with all the littles, and making sure no one got lost in the orchard, but at the same time, in an environment like that it’s nice because they can run and move around a bit and don’t have to behave too properly.  They can just be kids and have fun! Man, does baby wearing ever come in handy at times like this.

Headed to the Orchard

Tree climbing is a must.  Unfortunately, that sometimes leads to scrapes and awkward falling out of trees.  On the flip side however, the trees are short, so no one gets hurt, AND it can lead to great snaps of the recovery from said fall!  I absolutely adore this picture.  What it really is is falling and knocking into one another, but what it looks like is a spirited dance party in the middle of the orchard.  Love!

Doin' Da Funky Apple

Of course, one of the things everyone loves is the snacking on the goods while doing our picking.  Yummy!  I do not know what was going on with my boys faces in this one.  Goofballs!


Aaaaannnd, lastly… Every year I get the kids pictures in this plywood cut out thing.  It’s fun to see how much they’ve grown every year, and have that memory of our time.  The older they get, the more they groan about it, but I know they secretly find it fun and charming.  They would miss it if they didn’t do it.  The younger ones all LOVE it, and would never let me forget to get that picture!  They talk about it for weeks in advance when they know it’s almost time!  (There’s one with rabbits that we do at the state fair too.)

Normally I’m the photographer, so I’m not in any of them.  This year a guy was watching me hold the baby in the sling while taking a picture of Mike and the kids, and offered to take the picture so that the baby could be in it.  I am SO glad he did because this one is a keeper.  I absolutely LOVE this picture!

Most of the Brood on my Family Farm

So, that was this years trip to the apple farm.  What kind of fall traditions do you and your family like to participate in?  Corn mazes? Hay rides?  Haunted houses?

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