About Kim

I was a wee lass of only about 5 years old, when my grandmother first taught me to crochet.  Growing up in a home with a sewing machine always running, this was just a natural progression of life for me.  It didn’t seem strange at all to me to be a little thing, learning to do this.

Not long after that, probably about age 6 or 7, a woman at church, Miss Meggs, brought me a simple cross-stitch kit that said “I Love Cats” in pink floss, and had a little white kitten underneath.   I think my mother still has that stored somewhere!

From there, my love of making, learning, doing just kept growing and growing.  I taught myself to knit before I was 10 – though it was, and still is, my own method blending English and Continental styles of knitting.  My version doesn’t much look like either, but combines the best of both and is faster – for me anyway!

I remember in grade school, constantly getting in trouble with the teachers (and the other kids thought I was kind of weird too) for making up reasons to skip recess so that I could stay inside with my knitting, which I dutifully brought to class with me each and every day.

My 6th grade geography report was an embroidered continent of Africa, with each country a different color.  That might have been a first for my teachers!

Not much has changed, except now that I’m grown I don’t much get in trouble for creating in public spaces! (Well, except for when I tried to take my knitting to a college basketball game and my husband made me leave it in the car.  He said security would take my needles at the door because they would be considered weapons.  Whatever!)

Over the years, I’ve added painting, writing, spinning, dyeing, wool processing, all forms of embroidery and needle crafts, sewing, quilting, and whatever other forms of creating I can devise to add to my repertoire!  It’s in my blood like nothing else.  It’s my passion.

The problem with my need – yes need – to be constantly creating and trying new techniques, is that I don’t even remotely have space for all of this stuff, and so…. back around 2002, I opened my little cottage business here.  Over the years, I’ve done eBay, Etsy, and craft shows, and other than when my 3 youngest came along and slowed me down quite a bit, haven’t stopped.

Now that the kids are all getting older, I’m able to spend more time making, doing and offering the goodies I create to others… which in turn allows me to be able to make more and more!  (Let’s face it, you guys are enablers!)

And the dreamer in me continues on…. Thank you for being a part of that. <3


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